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ASM118x chip notes

ASM1182/ASM1184/ASM1187 chip notes

These are cool cheapish PCIe switches, 1 to 2/4/7 links accordingly. They’re used in many places, from mining equipment to desktop motherboards. I describe them a bit in a Hackaday article. There is not much documentation on them - I wanna aggregate whatever is available, on a single page.

They all seem to need a 1.2V source. No idea how much current tho.

KiCad package for the ASM1184 is Package_DFN_QFN:QFN-64-1EP_9x9mm_P0.5mm_EP5.2x5.2mm.

None of them have datasheets that I’ve seen - things like the I2C registers remain a mystery. Got one? Please let me know!

Info about ASM1182:

Info about ASM1184:

Info about ASM1187:

All of them, you can find on Aliexpress.

What we could use:

  • Datasheets
  • I2C register maps

Got more info? Contact me through one of the ways you can find.

Pic credit to [AMD Outside].

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