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ENOMEM when using urequests on MicroPython

ENOMEM when using urequests on MicroPython

If you’re making https requests with the MicroPython requests module, you might encounter ENOMEM errors. For me, they appeared after every 2nd request to a different HTTPS endpoint - first endpoint request would always succeed. Weird stuff. Anyway, go get your own copy of the requests library from the MicroPython repo, and find where the requests function is returning a Request object. Library download link here

You’ll notice that, before it, there are a bunch of error cases, and the socket is closed in case of those. In case of a successful HTTP response, however, the socket is not closed.

Close it.

        resp = Response(s)
        resp.status_code = status
        resp.reason = reason
        if resp_d is not None:
            resp.headers = resp_d
        + s.close()
        return resp

I have no idea what the side effects are - my device is a throwie, it will reset itself if the code fails. I do know that this made the ENOMEM error disappear.

After modifying this, upload this onto your device, and make sure that it is called instead of the builtin - I named my lib urequests.py and did import urequests. gl.

If you think that this is bad advice, contact me somehow and let me know. Cheers!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.